Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Turkish Driver Totals Ferrari 458 in Istanbul

A Ferrari 458 Italia was recently crashed in Istanbul, Turkey, due to excessive speed on a wet road. Judging from the pictures, the car looks next-to unsalvageable and it hurts to see a stunner like the 458 in such a sorry state.

The 26 year-old driver was not drinking, and both him and his passenger walked away unscathed from the crash site. Drunk driving was taken out of the equation, as the driver was tested on the spot, and the local authorities are still investigating the case.

One of the more curious aspects of this crash was the fact that an elongated piece of iron was lodged into the upper part of the windscreen - however, it did not reach the people on board, because if it did, the scene would have been a much more gruesome one.

This is the second Ferrari 458 Italia crash in recent weeks, where the car looks un-repairable, following a similar incident which took place in Spain, when the fresh owner of the Italian supercar fell down a cliff a mere two hours after picking the car up from the local dealership.

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by Andrei Nedelea

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