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Autocar Online - News

Helicopter lifts Aston Vanquish to 1000ft - pics

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 09:01 AM PST

Dramatic stunt is the latest event undertaken to celebrate Aston Martin's centenary

Aston Martin has celebrated its centenary with the spectacular stunt of using a helicopter to lift a Vanquish on to the top of Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel.

The helipad on top of the sail-shaped hotel is 1000ft above sea level, and it is the first time a car has ever been placed on the helipad.

The stunt is part of Aston's centenary celebrations, which kicked off on Tuesday with the unveiling of a plaque in Chelsea at the location where the company was first formed as Bamford & Martin.

Special centenary editions of Aston's entire model range have also been made available, while model launches — including a revised Rapide and Vanquish Volante — are expected over the next 12 months.

Qoros concepts set for Geneva reveal

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 05:33 AM PST

New Chinese car manufacturer Qoros to show two new concepts alongside the GQ3 saloon at Geneva

Qoros Auto is to showcase two new concept cars at the Geneva motor show in March, in conjunction with the public debut of its first production model, the Qoros GQ3 compact saloon.

The two concepts, named Cross Hybrid Concept and Estate Concept, have been created to represent the application of the GQ3's design language on future models. The concepts have been developed under the direction of Qoros's executive director of design, Gert Volker Hildebrand, the man behind the modern day Mini.

The Cross Hybrid Concept features a petrol-hybrid powertrain, with the engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor driving the rears, allowing for four-wheel drive in limited situations.

The Estate Concept is designed to be a more practical touring variant of the GQ3, featuring a number of different seating and storage options.

The two cars are based on the same 'intelligent modular vehicle platform' that underpins the GQ3. Qoros aims to capitalise on the production efficiencies of the shared chassis and rapidly bring new models to market.

The Qoros GQ3 will also be shown for the first time in production guise at the Geneva motor show. It is expected to go on sale in the UK late this year after a summer showroom debut in China.

The GQ3, as well as forthcoming models, will be produced at Qoros's new assembly plant in Changshu, China.

Daljinder Nagra

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