Friday, January 4, 2013

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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Crashed into SLS AMG by Journalists

Test driving cars is serious business, with this activity implying a lot of risks. Fortunately, most unpleasant experiences can be avoided by displaying a combination of attention and a light right foot. Unfortunately, these ingredients aren’t always present and this sometimes leads to crashes, with the latest example of this being a very painful one.

It all happened in China, where two journalists were reviewing two go-fast Mercedes models during the SLS AMG Trak Xperience event. This took place on the Zhuhai International Circuit and unfortunately included a crash between a C63 AMG and a SLS AMG.

The red SLS AMG was in front, with the driver violently stepping on the brakes before a corner. Behind the supercar, another journalist was driving a gunmetal grey C63 AMG and failed to stop on time, rear-ending the supercar.

We don’t know if this was due to an improper distance between the two cars or lack of attention, but, as you can see in the adjacent images, both vehicles were damaged in the accident. The good side, if there is such a side in all this, is that neither of the journalists involved in the crash were injured.

Via: The Thyco
by Andrei Tutu

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