Hyundai is working on technology that may allow you to access your vehicle with nothing more than a swipe of your smartphone. The automaker's i30 Connectivity Concept boasts an embedded NFC tag that allows the user to open the doors with a quick swipe. Drop the phone in the center console, and the driver can pair with the on-board touch screen and start the car. An inductive charging plate takes care of keeping the phone alive without having to fuss with cords or adapters. What's more, Hyundai says that the system can recognize individual smartphones, which means each user can have a customized experience.

Using the company's MirrorLink, the car can automatically sync not only contacts and apps, but also navigation destinations and streaming audio. More interestingly, the system uses technology available right now, and Hyundai says the system will be available on its next-generation of vehicles starting in 2015. While we're all for sending bulky key fobs to the scrap heap, hurdles like previous owner security concerns and the hitch of what happens if your phone dies before you can make it to your car will need to be overcome. You can read the full writeup over at Wired.